Birth announcement letter

When a family welcomes a brand new member to the family through means of birth, then a birth announcement letter will let all family members and friends know of the new arrival. This is generally done to ensure everyone who’s concerned that it was a healthy baby and to express your gratitude for welcoming in a new member of the family. Usually a formal event such as a party isn’t held for such a purpose, it’s just to inform people.


Starting to Write


Address the recipients by name.


Tell the recipients what you decided to name your baby and ensure them that the child is healthy and well.


Most people like to include the weight of the baby and exactly when the baby was born.


If you need to include anything else, do so at the end but wish the recipients well.

Sample Letters

Birth announcement letter Sample

Dear Mark and Lilly,

We wanted you to know that while we were in the Springfield Regional Hospital, we gave birth to a very healthy child named Tony. She was born at approximately 4:01 AM on June 3. Tony is a very healthy baby boy weighing in at 7 pounds and 11 ounces. It’ll take some time getting used to things around here as this is our first child, but we just wanted to inform every one of the current situation and welcome a new member into our family.

We wish you the best,

Alex and Marsha Littleton