Billing error complaint letter

A billing error complaint letter is one of the last things that representatives for your billing company want to receive. They deal with a lot of complaints every day, so this is why the letter needs to be kept to the point and simple. The point of the letter is to resolve the issue in a timely manner and get an error sorted out.


Starting to Write


Don’t do a dance and don’t try to be rude to the representative, because they aren’t going to care. Simply start off by stating the date, the customer number or account number and the service in question.


Attach a copy of the bill and be sure to include that it has been attached.


Explain your position and why you feel that the figures are wrong.


Offer your solution as to what the company can do about it.

Sample Letters

Billing error complaint letter Sample

Dear Customer Service Department:

I’ve noticed a problem with my August bill that I would like help resolving.

My internet was purchased only four months ago for the price of $39.99. We purchased the unlimited broadband package with no limits for just one computer and we didn’t get a wireless router. We also didn’t lease any monthly cost modems out either, our only charge is $39.99. However this month’s bill is an astonishing $59.99 which is almost double the cost of what we were told it would cost.

How exactly is this possible when the increase in price isn’t supposed to go up for at least 12 months? I would like this charge fixed or for someone to explain this to me please.

My number is 172-193-3918. Please give me a call sometime soon.


Roger Alberts

Dear Mr. Finnicky

I had routine testing done at the USQ Medical Facility that I was told my insurance would be taking care of. I have attached a copy of my medical insurance statement that told me the costs would be paid for, in the full amount of $700.10.

I would like the annoying and harassing phone calls from your collectors to stop, as I am not responsible for these bills. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at 183-2201.