Asking for participation letter

Let’s face it; it’s hard to get people involved in community projects that don’t have a strong backing or worthy cause just simply by hosting it. However, what has been shown to work and have a significant impact on a community is when you request the presence of the community through a letter. Whether it’s for a go-green program, a recycling program, trick or treat or whatever the cause may be, consider a letter to help get community involved.


Starting to Write


Introduce the cause and state exactly what the purpose of the hosted cause is.


Any relevant information that’s needed for participation should be included.


If any kind of donation is needed, be sure to mention that as well but don’t try to push the subject on people. No one likes to give money to causes they’ve never heard of, they need to be convinced.


Talk about the impact that their participation will have on the community and how it will help.

Sample Letters

Asking for participation letter Sample

Dear Margarett:

I’d like to take this time to ask that you help better our neighborhood and keep our kid’s safe during this Trick or Treat. We’re going to be starting a childhood watch program for our local community here that will help ensure our children stay safe and have a good time this Halloween.

We’re not asking you for donation money or asking you to donate anything at all, but we’d appreciate it if you could help keep a watchful eye out on the neighborhood this year and would love it if you would help hand out candy. We can supply the candy if you would like.

If you’re willing to help us out, then promptly let us know and if not, then we understand and no hard feelings. If you would, please call (193-2018) to let us know that you’re either interested or you’re not interested. We’re not asking for much but with the recent reports in our neighborhood it would be nice to know there’s one more watchful eye around the neighborhood that’ll help keep our children safe during trick or treat and to report all suspicious persons.

Thank you,