Arrangement of meeting letter

When traveling on business or just out and about, it’s nice to remind nearby business partners or friends that you will be in the area and up for a meeting if they would like. Don’t try to press the issue too hard on them but still, you should send out an arrange of meeting letter to remind them they wanted to meet up in the future and that you will be available.


Starting to Write


Let the recipient know that you will be in the area they’re in.


Ask the recipient if they would like to get together for some coffee and to discuss business or simply catch up.


Thank the recipient for their time and wish them well.


Leave some contact information to get ahold of you by.

Sample Letters

Arrangement of meeting letter Sample

Dear Richie,

I’m sincerely sorry I wasn’t able to attend your wedding last May as I would have been your best man had I been able to attend but sometimes things come up. However, on a more good news note, I’ll be back in town and staying at the Plaza Hotel on 5th street, so we should meet up for some dinner sometime and fill me in.

I’ll tell you what; it can even be on my treat since I feel bad for having to write a rejection letter to attend the wedding due to outside circumstances. Will you be available on November 9 to grab a bite to eat? I wouldn’t mind grabbing a cock tail, seeing what’s new with you and catching up on general news. Call me at 838-301-2019