Appreciation to a teacher or coach

Raising a child can be tough, but sometimes it’s the coaches or the teachers that go out of their way to show extra attention to a child that needs help. If a teacher or a sport’s coach has gone out of their way to help your child improve their ability, then it would be wise to formally thank them to ensure they’ll continue to receive the same level of teaching. Everyone loves being thanked.


Starting to Write


Clarify which child the coach or teacher is being thanked for helping.


Also, make sure to clarify which class is being discussed as well so they know (in case they teach more than one class).


If the child being taught has improved because of the extra teaching, reassure them that their extra time spent on the student is actually working.

Sample Letters

Sample Appreciation to a teacher or coach

Dear Mr. Overwood

We’d like to thank you so much for the extra time you’ve taken with Michael. Michael looks up to you as an inspiration and you have truly helped him improve his game. He’s always been a Football fanatic since he was little but he’s not as strong or as fast as the other boys and we can’t thank you enough for working with him.

We go to all of the games and it’s such a joy to see Michael on the side with a large smile on his face because of you. Hopefully, you have a great season and the team makes it into the finals for our division, and we hope to see Michael there as well. Here’s to wishing you a happy season and a happy year!


Sarah and Tim Scout