Adoption Announcement Letter

An adoption announcement letter has one simple purpose; to share the news that a family has welcomed a brand new family member through means of adoption rather than contraception. This definitely isn’t a new practice and has been common since the middle ages. Some parents who can’t use natural methods of birth because of medical issues or other reasons may consider adoption and when they do, the letter serves the purpose of alerting everyone they know


Starting to Write


First, alert them that you’ve adopted someone into the family and don’t build up to it. Just give the good news right away.


Describe the adopted child by name, hair color or any other details you’d like to share.


Tell the family/recipients how old the child is.


Share your closing thoughts and anything you’d like to tell anyone reading.

Sample Letters

Sample Adoption Announcement Letter

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Smith,

We were so excited that we couldn’t hold the news in any longer! On March 9, 2013, we decided to take a step towards parenthood and have adopted a beautiful and healthy baby boy named Logan. Beautiful little Logan is only 2 weeks old but we know how fast they grow up.

Our dog Scruffy doesn’t really know what to think yet but seems rather kind and curious about the boy. Thank you to everyone who has shown their support through these times.


Marcus and Lilly Raswin