Account Review Notice

An account review notice is simply sent out (usually by a bank or online vendor) as a monthly statement. Sometimes, it’s sent out by request or when there’s been an error but most of the time an account review notice is simply just a reminder of previous activities that date back for a month. Depending on what kind of review is requested will depend on what kind of account review notice is sent back. For the general purpose of this sample, we’re going to assume someone requested a review of recent transactions.


Starting to Write


State the account holder’s name and clarify that you have gone through all of the details carefully.


State the details of your finding and what has been reviewed.


If any action is needed on behalf of the recipient, let them know.

Sample Letters

Account Review Notice Sample

Dear Lilly Marsha,

We received your request to go through the last three recent transactions of November 9, 2012 and we have reviewed all of the information carefully. On November 9, 2012, it appears on the account that you have made the following transactions:

  • $650.00 for a two way budget plane ticket to Los Angeles, California and back to Lansing, Michigan.
  • $50 at the Eatery Restaurant in Lansing, Michigan.
  • $220 at a local grocery store in Lansing as well.

After our investigation, we have concluded that the $50 and $220 transactions were reviewed as legitimate and have not been reversed. However, the $650 transaction does appear to be from a stolen card number and because of that, your card has been cancelled and the funds are currently on hold. You will be issued a new debit card in approximately one week and once you verify you have received the card, you will then be issued the money in holding.


WOA Banking