How To Write a Letter To Accept A Job Offer

When a job offer is accepted, it’s considered professional for the candidate to send a letter in writing to the employer and thank them for the opportunity. Acceptance letters can also be used as contracts to highlight the terms of the position if an employer doesn’t officially have any terms or contracts.

Sometimes a job offer will be made verbally rather than formally. In this case, keynotes should be made on specifics of the job and what will be included. The sum of the notes and responsibilities will act as a terms and conditions agreement.

The format should be hand written or typed on a personal letter head.


Starting to Write


Make sure to repeat the offer so that everyone is clear and agrees on the exact offer.


Make sure that the reader is thanked for the offer and opportunity to work at the company.


Formally accept the offer.


List all of the important details that were noted in the offer such as payment salary, any benefits you obtain or anything significant to the offer.


It’s kind to thank the reader again for their time.


Finally, discuss the start date and if there are any questions or concerns, they should be addressed here.


Sample Letters

Dear Stacy,

I’d like to take this time to thank you for the phone call I received the other night regarding the Accounting position for CashLoans Co. I’ve thoroughly considered this position and have decided to accept this position.

It is my understanding due to our recent discussion that my job responsibilities will include:

  • Accounting for all of the cash flow and money that CashLoans Co handles on any given day.
  • I will start out at a base salary of $52,000 a year and receive bonus checks on the Holidays.
  • Mark in my office will be my immediate go to manager and supervisor.
  • All of the equipment I’m working with will be supplied to me and I will be required to purchase none of it.

I’m thoroughly excited to begin working for your company on June 19, 2013. Thank you again for the acceptance and I look forward to establishing a long and bright future with you and the company.



Make sure the employer or reader is thoroughly thanked for the opportunity and acceptance.
Don’t discuss issues that may hinder work performance or working schedule in an acceptance letter that can be done when you begin working through the supervisor.
All the details that are important and significant to the job should be included in the offer so that there is no confusion.