Response To Rejection Letter After Interview

Writing back after a rejection may not get an applicant hired or changed the circumstances but it will leave them on good terms with the employer and leave them as a considerable applicant should future opportunities show up. It shows that they’re professional and that they can handle rejections, which are two highly valuable qualities to have in the business world.

The format for a response to a rejection letter should be placed on a typed, business letterhead.


Starting to Write


First, it’s important to acknowledge that the application was not found favorable.


Thank the hiring manager or reader for taking the time to consider the application.


Express interest in working for the company in the future should any more opportunities ever present themselves.

Sample Letters

Response To Rejection Letter After Interview Sample

Dear Mr. Robertson,

I want to thank you for taking the time to consider my application and giving me a chance to apply to work at your company. I want to remind you that while this was not found in favor of my application, I do have an interest of working with SEOTech Inc in the future should any positions open up.

While I do have experience in the SEO industry, you noted that my lack of recent Google Algorithm changes wouldn’t make the most favorable employee. I just want you to know that I have recently been researching and reading up on the latest algorithm changes and will continue to stay in the loop so that if any future positions should open up, I will be better informed and qualified.

Thank you again for taking the time to consider my application.


Allen R.

Don’t ever blame the manager or the person in charge, they might have just found someone better suited for the job.
Never talk down on any other potential applicants who might have gotten the job, this shows weakness.
Be sure to let the reader know that there is interest in filling the position at a future date.
Useful Things to Include"

One word that you’ll see come up a lot in rejection letters is “considering” and it’s a word that should be used often in any business format. Thank the employer for considering the application in the first place as they didn’t have to even read it or send out a letter.