Reservation letter

A reservation letter for a restaurant or an event is commonly used when there are limited seats available on a special occasion. Sometimes, a reservation letter is used just to ensure that someone will get a seat and that they won’t arrive to a restaurant just to find that there are no seats available.


Starting to Write


Ask to reserve some seats for exactly how many people will be attending. It’s completely optional to name off all of the people attending and their affiliation to you, but most people don’t do that.


Clarify the date and what time you expect to be there. Plan on showing up 15 minutes early just in case.


Leave some contact information of the party planner or host of the event who will be taking care of the reservations.


Ask the restaurant or company to confirm your reservations by phone or return letter. This will more than likely be done by phone.

Sample Letters

Reservation letter Sample

Dear Mr. Reiches,

I will be attending your restaurant (Deluxe Eat) with 5 of my guests (so 6 guests in total). I would like to make a reservation for 6 people on August 2 at 7:00 PM.

If you could please call me to confirm my reservation or if I need to reschedule, please do that soon as the reservation would be filled in 3 weeks. My number is 481-225-5572. My name is Mary, and I’m the host of the event we’re holding.

Thank you.


Mary Lester