Request repair or replacement letter

A vendor doesn’t like getting repair or replacement requests because this means money out of their pockets. This is why so many companies try to fight giving out free repairs or requests even with a warranty, because a lot of people use this opportunity to try to scam companies out of products or money. The best practice to use here is to write a request repair or replacement letter with your warranty and proof of purchase attached.


Starting to Write


Name and describe the exact item that needs replaced or repaired. If you have a model number, that would be more than helpful to the recipient.


What was the date of purchase and for how much was the purchase? Also, state the exact problem with the product here.


What is the action that you want to happen here?


Try to find or name a date where the requested action should be completed and enclose any relevant documentation such as a warranty.

Sample Letters

Sample request repair or replacement letter

Dear Toby’s Repair Shop,

If you recall last December, I purchased a new alternator from my 1991 Camaro from you with a 1 year warranty for $129.99. Well, that alternator has suddenly gone out of on me and I would like to have a replacement one installed instead of the faulty one.

I made the purchase on December 15 and it was approximately $129.99 including the price of the warranty. The Alternator just randomly died and I had it tested at the local Auto Zone here and it’s pretty much dead. I would like to setup an appointment to have this replaced as per the warranty states it will not cost me a thing under this protection warranty.

I would highly prefer if this was done in the next week or two weeks because I have some important trips that I will be taking so I would appreciate if you could give me a call at 937-210-2918.


Chance Morston

Dear Time Warner,

As you know, there was a small earth quake in our region today and it knocked my internet modem off of the resting place I had it on. The modem has broken and no longer works and I would like to replace it with a new one. I am enclosing the modem and the warranty agreement in this package that I’m sending to you.

The approximate cost of the modem is $49.99 and I purchased it along with the upgraded service plan on August 2. If there are any questions about this or concerns, feel free to call me.

Customer ID: #33192873

Phone: (283)312-2039


Jones Marshton