Refusal of a request

When someone asks you specially to help them with a request, it’s a great feeling to have loyal customers and clients who keep coming back. However, when work is too much or when a friend asks you to do a request that isn’t in your favor, you need to send what’s known as a refusal of a request back to them to let them know.


Starting to Write


Let the recipient know lightly that you will in fact not be able to help them out with their request.

  1. State why they aren’t going to be receiving any help and if it’s not their fault, re-assure them that it isn’t their fault.

Thank the recipient for their consideration or business and offer to help them in the future if applicable.

Sample Letters

Sample refusal of a request

Dear Riley,

While I am honored that you continue to come to me for technical support on your computer, I am afraid I will be unable to assist you this time. I am afraid that I’m too swamped with work for other clients that it would take me months to even get around to looking at it. I’m truly sorry but I won’t be able to help you, but I’ll be more than willing to help you at a later date should any future problems come up.