Reference check letter

When a reference check letter is sent out, the goal is to find information on an employer from previous colleagues or employers.


Starting to Write


List the name of the applicant and which position they’re currently up for.


State that it was listed by the applicant in question that they had previously worked to the person receiving the reference check letter.


Ask about personal work habits or their work skills that they were proven to have while working there.


Demonstrate that the confidentiality between you and that employer is strictly private.

Sample Letters

Sample reference check letter

Dear Mr. Reichter,

I’m writing to you because I recently received an application from an individual named Steven Lores and I was thinking about giving them an interview. However, I would like to first check on this person’s work history here and confirm that they indeed did work there.

Did you previously employ Mr. Lores?

What were his work habits, his attendance and responsibilities like?

What kind of duties did he carry out on a day to day basis and did he struggle with any of them?

While the information would be nice to get as soon as possible, there is no time that I’m essentially looking for a reply; I just want to make sure I hire the right person. Also, if it’s not too much to ask, could I know why Mr. Lores left the company and how much time he gave upon leaving? All the information here will be strictly confidential between us for the purpose of hiring an employee.


Martin Garix