Non Punitive Letter of Caution

A non-punitive letter of caution is a mild letter of reprimand. The recipient is not being punished for the actions that they engaged in, but they are being notified that what they did was wrong and that they will be closely watched in the future. A non-punitive letter of caution is a step down in severity from a letter of reprimand.


Starting to Write


Reference the official title in which the offender was operating during the innocent or incidents, such as “Sales Assistant” or “Commanding Officer”.


Outline the incidents in question, including dates and any investigative findings.


Explain why the behavior was wrong, and restate any rules or code of conduct.


Offer advice on how to move forward, such as corrective measures, and possible future punishments.


Sign the letter to demonstrate the seriousness of the matter.

Sample Letters

Non Punitive Letter of Caution Sample

Rita B. Martin

3609 Hill Haven Drive
Waco, TX 76706


Dear Rita,

You are receiving this letter because of the altercation that took place in the company parking lot on December 3rd, 2009.


You are well aware that it is against the employee code of conduct to approach and harass a coworker in the way you did, which was caught on surveillance camera. We at Texas Beef promote a safe and harmonious workplace, and your activities were contrary to the objective.


You will not receive any punishment at this time as we do not have enough evidence from the situation, but be warned – if anything like this happens again, you can be sure that we will deal with this in a more severe manner.


Please be sure that nothing like this happens again – it will benefit everyone.


The Management

Non Punitive Letter of Caution USMC Sample

To: Private First Class, Colton Forte, United States Marine Corps

With reference to Misconduct Investigation March 06, 2013.

You are officially cautioned for impersonating Lance Corporal Collin Russ.


Our investigation determined that on February 23, 2013, you acquired the uniform of Corporal Russ and proceeded to run a mock version of a routine drill, instructing newly recruited privates to run in a circle wearing their underwear.


While we appreciate that all those involved were eventually aware that this was a joke, and Corporal Russ would go on to join in the antics, we feel this was a great lapse in judgment that could have gone too far. Impersonating a superior in some circumstances can result in imprisonment, and if you had taken this charade outside, or attempted to gain access to restricted areas you would be facing serve punishment.


In this instance we feel that you were foolish rather than demonstrating any malevolent intent. Therefore this caution is non punitive, and should be served as a warning that the Marine Corp will not tolerate this kind of behavior from you again.



Malachi Waters

Commanding Officer

Non Punitive Letter of Caution Navy Sample

From: Judge Advocate General

Subject: Non Punitive Caution

Reference: PO78567

To: Seaman Jared Hawk


The above reference is a record of our investigation in to your actions upon USS Arlington on October 03, 2012.


According to said investigation you and several Apprentice Seamen saw fit to play some form of dodge ball on the aircraft landing pads with a navy issued rucksack.


You needn’t be reminded that this area of the amphibious transport dock is to be used only for aircraft taking off and landing, not for leisure. As a superior to the Apprentices you demonstrated a flagrant lack of leadership and respect for the rules.


I am willing to issue you a non punitive caution on this occasion, but any further behavior of this sought will not be tolerated.



Judge Advocate General, Smith