Letter to Successful Candidate

Candidates appreciate having a job offer in writing for reasons ranging from the sentimental to the practical. It may be faster for you to simply call them, but you should always send a letter as well. A well-written template will help you to get a letter out to your successful candidate efficiently.

Format: typed via typewriter or word processor on letterhead.


Starting to Write


Don’t waste the recipient’s time. Let them know right away that the job is theirs for the taking.


Don’t forget to state the job title early on.


Concisely describe the job.


Clearly lay out the terms.


Clearly ask for a reply.

Sample Letters

Sample Letter to Successful Candidate

Dear James,

I’m James Bowman, head of the Human Resources Department at Maxwell Graves Jewelry, and I would like to personally congratulate you on your great interview on the 5th of November. I would at this time like to offer you the position of Sales Manager beginning on June 23rd. This position offers the following compensation:

  • Guaranteed starting pay rate: $5,222/month
  • You will have access to our extremely competitive incentive program
  • You will receive ongoing on-the-job training
  • You are eligible for our ground-breaking health insurance program

As conveyed during the interview process, you will be required to complete on-going drug screening. Additionally, we will at this time commence our employment verification process. Your employment is contingent on passing this verification processes to the satisfaction of Mark Edgerton, head of Human Resources. We look forward to you joining our team. Please notify Mark Edgerton at (555-555-5555) or in person of your intention to accept this offer.


Jim Bowman


Congratulate the winning candidate for winning out over stiff competition.
Clearly state the starting pay rate and other job perks.
Clearly state any additional verification process
Ask the candidate to indicate their acceptance of your offer by phone or in person.