Job Description Letter

When a company is looking to hire potential employees or fill a position then what they’ll do is put out what’s known as a job description letter. This is nothing more than a short memo that details the job, the responsibilities of the job and the duties that applicants will need to fill. Often these memos are posted in online job boards, cafeterias or employee lounges.

The format is often written on computer typed paper and is rarely ever hand-written.


Starting to Write


First, specify that it’s a job description and an opportunity.


Specify the position that applicants will be filling.


Explain the job in detail and give a thorough description so that applicants will know if it’s more suited towards their abilities or not.


If you have any qualifications or experience requirements, this would be the place to specify that.

Sample Letters

Job Description Letter Sample

To: Matt Rorsche

From: Marcus Roberts

Subject: Job Opening/Description

Position: Security/Night Shift

Duties: To conduct security and keep night watch of the store, which may include reporting suspicious individuals and to maintain the safety of the store.

Explain the exact working hours and what exactly they’ll be doing in that time slot. Don’t be too vague or too general.
If the job has any bonus qualifications or experience specifications that will help an applicant’s chances of being accepted, then be sure to include this.
Any license, education or knowledge skills that must be held by a candidate need to be specified to help narrow down the applications you’ll receive.
Useful Things To Include:

If certain positions or experience requirements aren’t applicable for the position, be sure to include them. If the job requires any kind of relocating at all, be sure to specify this as well.
Other duties will include:

Maintaining an hourly log of activities and events
Monitoring security cameras
Assisting local law enforcement in the event of a robbery or issue
Job Description:

Slow paced and will be done on Third shift nighttime hours. Security is to be conducted via the control room with security monitors and through manual inspection throughout the store. The prevention of theft is the main job here and security will play a vital role in assisting law enforcement for the store if need be. Logs are maintained every hour of any activities or events that occur.

Applicants must have a High School Diploma, must have reliable transportation, a clean criminal background check and attention to detail.
Pay is competitive and based on experience