Informal letter of agreement

An informal letter of agreement is a simple yet effective letter that can be used to confirm the details of the project or an assignment without actually being formal. This type of agreement is usually used for low budget projects that aren’t very large in nature. Usually anything done under a corporate level of agreement is done informally. However, large projects usually require the presence of a lawyer.


Starting to Write


Thank the client for their order and their business.


Clarify the details of the project and the general size of the project.


List the fee for the project and what it will cost.


Lay out the payment terms of the project.


If applicable for the project, layout a payment schedule.


If needed (sometimes it’s not), place a position for the applicant to sign and date the letter.

Sample Letters

Sample informal letter of agreement

Dear Mr. Ralfondo,

Thank you for your business, it really means a lot to us. I’d like to confirm that I have received order #102 and I am eager to get started on this right away, but I need to confirm some details.

First, it has been agreed that this is a long term contract for 1,000 articles with a mass SEO marketing campaign.

You have agreed to pay $5,000 upfront and $500 a month for 10 months down the road. Furthermore, there will be no additional charges after the 10 month period. The services will include basic content creation for your website which will target keywords relevant to your website and then we will target social networking websites to help boost your website’s rankings for the keywords you have selected.

The due date is approximately three months from now, which is June 5, 2013. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to get in contact with me at my phone: 102-302-2019.


Jim Aelp