Home inspection letter

A home inspection letter may serve two different purposes: one is to get one done and the other is request details. When a home inspection is completed, a landlord will more than likely send a home inspection letter to tenant to clarify if any damage is done and that everything is ok to move in. These are necessary to cover your behind should any legal issues ever come up, so keep a copy of one.


Starting to Write


Clarify which date the inspection was done on.


Request information or request that a copy of the inspection report be sent to you.


Leave your contact information and a due date that the information should be in your hands by. Usually this is because of a move in date and the tenant wanting to have that information prior to moving in.

Sample Letters

Home inspection letter Sample

Dear Mr. Mackales:

If possible, I would like to receive a copy of the inspection report that was done for 155 Rogers Boulevard on April 2. While I’m sure all is good and well from the online pictures posted, I would like to review the report for myself before my move in day, which is June 3.

My contact information is as follows and I would appreciate a quick response as the date is closing in fast.

Name: Sarah Rellos

Number: 221-192-3727