Letter to generate business

For the purpose of this sample, we’re going to assume the people being targeted are in the software industry. Sending out a letter to generate business clients or contacts can be risky and rewarding at the same time. Your response might be as slow as a simple 1 percent or you might have a response of up to 20 percent depending on the type of letter you send out and what’s on the letter. You don’t use e-mail for this kind of letter and you more than likely shouldn’t try it.


Starting to Write


Relay that there is a very specific problem in a client’s industry that you can solve.


Tell the client exactly what it is that you do.


State any companies in the exact same industry as the client that you have experience working with.


Show some results or social proof that you have achieved the desired results that you say you have.


If the recipient is interested, let them know what action they can take next.

Sample Letters

Sample letter to generate business

Dear Frustrated Marketer,

In today’s tough and competitive industry, it can be hard and seemingly impossible at times to get people to buy into your software and it can even be more difficult to find a reliable Copywriter who can deliver the results that you not only need but deserve to keep your company alive.

I’d like to take some time to discuss exactly who I am and how I can help you in this tough and ever changing industry. First, I’d like to start off by saying that when an IT industry needs a copywriter to sell a product, they always come to me first because while I might not be the cheapest in the business, I always deliver results. You can call and ask any company I’ve done work for on the results they’ve had and even they can’t believe it.

Some of the company’s that I have done Copywriting work for that I’d like to deliver the same results to you if you allow me a chance: U.S. IT, We Are Modems, CleanIt, Value Tech, Valve, Games Inc and many more.

So how does my copy fair in this market?

On average, my clients report that they receive a 40% opening rate and an 80% response rate from the e-mails that I send out.

I have doubled the business for several companies and some companies have even seen triple their business.

Think I’m bluffing or want to see some results for yourself? I won’t only just write up a converting sales pitch for your home page, I’ll also do your e-mail campaign or set one up for you to maximize the results you can get for your business. With my client’s sole permission, I have responses to e-mails and earning statements that prove my e-mails work.

I get a lot of people who inquire about my service, so I would respond quickly.


Mark the Copyman