Complaint to management about an employee

A complaint to management about an employee can come from two different sources. First, it can come from another employee or it can come outside from a customer. It’s far worse to come outside from a customer because that reflects how cone customer feels and if that’s how one of them feels then what about the rest of them? This could be a glimpse into the personal views of many different customers, which spells trouble.

When you complain to management, you need to make clear of a few things before you actually do. For the purpose of this letter and sample, we’re going to assume its being done from the viewpoint of a customer rather than an employee. Employees have specific guidelines to follow when complaining about another employee, customers do not.


Starting to Write


Note the employee’s name and ask for their manager. If they refuse to give you their manager’s name, look their store up online and surely you’ll find a regional manager’s e-mail at least.


Note the time and date of the incident. If it happened in a convenience or retail store, then more than likely the incident will have been filmed for evidence.


Let the manager know what ultimately you would like to happen with the incident.

Sample Letters

Sample complaint to management about an employee

Dear FoodCo Stores,

I was recently shopping in your store for an upcoming July 4 party and I met one of the rudest cashiers I’ve ever met in my entire life. Not only was this person rude, but I honestly never want to talk in there again if she’s still working there.

The Date: June 15

Time: 4:23 PM

I walked in and the cashier was doing her nails or something. I simply asked the cashier where I could find a certain item and the only reaction I could get out of her was she pointed to isle 6. I simply just went about my business and when I got to the register she rolled her eyes because of all the stuff I had.

I asked her if there was a problem and she simply didn’t respond to me. She told me the total, I paid and walked out. She was such a rude cashier; I can’t believe you guys would hire someone like that. I don’t want to see this person in the store when I shop there again and if I do, I will not shop there anymore.


Linda Lokart