Billing error dispute

When writing out a billing error dispute, this is usually when a frustrated customer asks that something be erased from the books or changed. Usually it’s when a biller sends you a bill for something that wasn’t ordered or a service that wasn’t even utilized. It’s best to get these taken care of as quickly as possible with a prompt letter before they hand the matter over to annoying collections.


Starting to Write


Mention the dates and place that the disputes took place.


Mention which services that are being disputed.


Mention what you would personally like to be done and leave contact information for the office or recipient to get ahold of you by.

Sample Letters

Billing error dispute Sample

Dear Walter:

I received a billing statement from your office today and I’d like to discuss an error that I would like to be addressed. I was in your office on the day of June 4 and underwent a new patient inspection which costs approximately $110. I have enclosed the money for the new patient inspection costs but I also noticed a charge for neck and back x-rays as well which I did not receive.

We have not yet agreed to any further testing or tests but yet I’m seeing a charge for an x-ray which costs approximately $75. My total bill accumulates to $185 when in fact it should only be $110. The representative at the front desk (Linda) can confirm that I was only there for a new patient inspection which should only cost $110.

I have promptly attached a copy of my statement and the money I owe for the new patient inspection fee. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to call me at 281-1102. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.


Alan Geros

Dear Representative/Customer Service:

I’ve recently received the August bill for the cable that I have had for a year now. I recently noticed a charge on my statement for a service that I don’t even own. It’s stated here that I owe approximately $20 for a sports package as a monthly fee when in fact I don’t have nor did I opt in for any sports packages. My bill is approximately $49.99 every month and I have never received an inflation fee.

You can check my prior records to ensure I have never had nor did I order a sports package addition to my service. I have attached a copy of the paperwork and contract I received upon signing up to the company and my last 11 statements which were $49.99. This one however is $69.99 and I do not feel that I should have to pay for a service that I don’t even own.

If you’d like to discuss this matter, I’m available most week days at 291-3302. I’ve attached my previous billing statements along with a copy of the contract I got when signing up to the service.


Jane Floon