Letter of appreciation for medical service

You have incompetent doctors everywhere and the number of malpractice is actually a scary number when you read the statistics. However, when a Doctor is more than good and offers service that’s beyond exceptional, sometimes it’s nice to thank them with a letter of appreciation for medical service. Whether it was just a routine checkup, an operation or an emergency, it’s nice to appreciate someone in the medical field for outstanding service.


Starting to Write


Recognize the exact operation or service that was performed and by which doctor. If the doctor is being addressed directly, then address them by name.


State how grateful you are to have found that Doctor.


Let the doctor know that you will be recommending them to your friends and family (if this is applicable). Some specialty doctors won’t really apply here.

Sample Letters

Sample letter of appreciation for a medical service

Dear Dr. Morrose,

It was about one month ago when I warranted a visit to your Emergency Department. It was a late night and I began having severe chest pains and while I am only middle aged, it’s still of great concern to me so I decided to visit the ER department.

I’ve heard all kinds of horror stories about people coming to ER departments and only being given some pain prescription and told to go away. I am grateful to have found your comfort and service because while the chest pains only appeared to be anxiety at the most, you still did some testing to re-assure me that nothing serious was happening.

You explained everything with confidence, all of the test results and gave all of the patients the same amount of attention and care. While I hope to never visit a hospital again anytime soon, I can only hope that I get you again as my doctor should I ever have to.


Martha Rowe