Apology Letter for Accounting Error

An accounting error isn’t exactly something you ever want to receive in the form of a letter but they’re usually cleared up pretty quick. Accountants aren’t the only ones that make accounting errors, sometimes banks do them as well and that may be when an apology letter for accounting error needs to be sent out in order to ratify the situation.

What’s even worse is, when you own a company and the accounting department misplaces a payment and accuses a customer of not paying for a service. This is frustrating for the customer as they know they have paid for the service and can actually cause you to lose a customer if it’s not handled properly.


Starting to Write


Thank the customer for patience in the matter and offer an apology.


Let the customer know that the records have been updated and it was a simple mistake (or blame it on a computer glitch).


Also, if there were any penalties in terms of fees as a result, let the customer know those were taken care of as well.


If anything, what will you do about the situation with the client in order to justify the actions of your accounting department?

Sample Letters

Sample Apology Letter for an Accounting Error

Dear Martha,

You’ve been a loyal customer of ours for three years now and when I heard there was an issue with your account, I had to look into it myself and mail you directly. It appears there was an accounting error made in the company and I am truly sorry for the inconvenience.

I want you to know that I have looked into the issue and have found the error to be caused by one of my employees, so we have properly handled the situation. You’re currently subscribed to GardenLife Magazine for $9.99 a month and one small payment error showed that you owed $40 to us and was late on payments. Also, a $20 fee was placed on your account as well.

I want you to know that I have removed that overdue statement on your account and returned your account to normal, along with the $20 fee that was placed on your account. Not only that, but for the remaining 5 months this year, I will allow you to receive the magazine for free as a token of appreciation for being a loyal customer.